justin bieber con una madre latina

Justin Bieber con una madre Latina?

Como se comportaria Justin Bieber con una madre Latina? Pues aqui veras un video hecho por los comediantes Roxanna Castellanos y Andres Gabriel Pita, dos artistas/actores con muchísimo talento. Creo que estamos de acuerdo en decir, que Justin Bieber con una madre Latina, la conducta de Justin Bieber definitivamente mejorara jaja! Ultimamente Justin Bieber parece […]

the purge breakout experience

The Purge Breakout Experience

So I received an email to try the Purge Breakout Experience which is based on the upcoming sequel thriller The Purge Anarchy. I literally charted myself! The fact that you are inside a confined space, dark, intense music, and everything is completely interactive, makes the experience EXCITING! Thankfully I came prepared with an extra pair […]

first time visiting europe

Andy Pita’s first time in Europe

Andy Pita’s first time in Europe: Que vuelta!! So I finally completed a voyage I had in my bucket list many years ago, a EURO TRIP! And let me tell you… HOLY CACA!! It really is what people say it is…AWESOME! Europe is so freaking beautiful, full of history, and culture. It’s definitely something you […]